Since 1923 Struthers-Dunn is widely known and accepted in the relay and controls marketplace requiring power relays and contactors. Our products have a proven track record of high performance, long life cycle, and very sturdy design which are essential in the marketplace application segments we serve. Our product marketing is focused in four categories.


Power Generation & Controls

In this market we emphasize those segments for power generation, water-waste water treatment, HVAC, and industrial machinery.

Our newest offering is the 450 Series 40/50Amp Power relay with Standard Panel Mount that includes an optional DIN Rail mount built into the base.

Our 219 Series Family of relays cover a wide gambit of configurable contact combination and coil voltages. Includes a Time Delay 246/247, Latching 255 and Sequencing 311 Series to address other applications in this segment.

In addition, we also produce a Nuclear Qualified Version 219 Series and 236/237 Time Delay Series that are approved for use in Nuclear Power Plant applications.

Time Delay Controls

These segments are supported by our vast offering of industrial time delay relays such as our 286/287, 326/327, and 388/388 True-Off Series.
Also, we offer 235 Series Adjustable Current Sensor, 236 Series Adjustable Voltage Sensor and 349 Series Over/Under Voltage Sensing Relay.


Motor Control

In this market applications for our industrial power relays and contactors reside in those segments for cranes-hoists-elevators, HVAC, and electric vehicles. Our PM Series, 275 Series, 575 Series, and 645RT Solid State Motor Reversing Series of relays are ideally suited for the horsepower application requirements in this market segment.


Traffic Industry

All State DOT or DPS departments provide the applications for this market segment. Our Flash Transfer Relays and sockets provide solutions within the traffic intersection signal cabinets. Struthers-Dunn relays are specified in NEMA and Caltrans Cabinets as well as the New ATC Style cabinets. The 21 and 136 Series have a stellar reputation for reliable and durability in traffic control requirements.

The New 21H Series compact design for the new ATC cabinets are available in a variety of coil voltages and with its hermetically sealed design will give longer trouble-free life! The 428/429 Series Hybrid Main Contactor is designed for use in the ATC Cabinets.

We offer six, eight, and twelve pin Sockets and Plugs to work with all the other components within the traffic cabinet.

We released a Hybrid 418 Series Relay to replace Mercury Displacement Relays used in the older traffic cabinets. It can handle loads up to 75Amps as a main power contactor.


Custom Design

We have long recognized that every electro-mechanical relay application cannot be addressed with a standard “off the shelf” commodity relay. So we welcome the opportunity to review, develop, and provide a custom solution for our customers. We have developed specially designed relays for aviation, airport lighting, the rail industry as well as other focused market segments.

Competitor relay obsolescence roadblocks can be solved by us with potential replacement options due to our commitment to custom designs and retrofits.

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