Established in 1923, Struthers-Dunn is one of the oldest and most respected relay manufacturers in the world. Since then our products continue to be recognized for their rugged or “overbuilt” design, high quality, and exceptional reliability. Struthers-Dunn relays are utilized in virtually every major industrial/commercial application in today’s marketplace.

Our products are primarily utilized in traffic signal, power generation and distribution, factory automation, elevators, cranes, hoists, motor control, and water /waste water treatment applications.

We are committed to providing our customers with a high level of customer service, technical support, application consultation, and specialized product design to meet those unique application requirements. As one of the last remaining U.S. manufacturers of Power Relays and Contactors, we have a unique advantage in the ability to produce custom design relays for customers.

We are undertaking an aggressive and innovative approach to new product development. This approach will focus on more compact designs and higher rated specifications and innovative features. We realize that every potential or existing customer always has a choice in selecting their relay supplier. We greatly value each of our customers and will continue our efforts to ensure we will always be their first choice for existing or new business.

Struthers-Dunn Company Time Line

Struthers-Dunn celebrates 100 years of innovation in Relays, Contactors and sockets to meet the need for innovative products in diverse industries.
Struthers-Dunn becomes a 100% Employee-Owned Company.
Relocated to a new facility in Timmonsville, SC better suited for our manufacturing and warehousing needs.
Struthers-Dunn returns to its original independent business heritage due to Schneider Electric acquisition of the Magnecraft portion of Magnecraft & Struthers-Dunn, Inc. (MSD, Inc.). Plant moved from Darlington, South Carolina to Florence, South Carolina. Struthers-Dunn continues to be one of the last remaining U.S. manufacturers of power relays, contactors, and custom designed relays. Since its inception, Struthers-Dunn still remains a private U.S. owned family business.
Magnecraft & Struthers-Dunn acquired manufacturing and marketing rights for Tyco PM and 136 Traffic Control Relays and divested some military relay series.
Magnecraft & Struthers-Dunn acquired manufacturing and marketing rights for several military relay series from the Struthers-Dunn Military Relay Division.
Magnecraft acquired manufacturing and marketing rights for Struthers-Dunn Commercial Relay Division. Operations remained in Darlington, South Carolina.
Struthers-Dunn acquired by Nytronics, Inc. The Bettendorf, Iowa division was immediately sold to its employees. The New Hampshire and New Jersey operations relocated to Darlington, South Carolina.
Struthers-Dunn relocated its operations to facilities in Pitman, New Jersey.
John Struthers-Dunn founded his company to provide solutions for those unique applications.

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